Randall Bardwell

Randall Bardwell

Technology Professional

Welcome to my website. This is primarily a place for me to exchange files and information quickly. Still, while I’m at it, I might as well put my pics somewhere, as I don’t participate in Facebook, Instagram, or any social media outside of LinkedIn, and that one’s on the fence these days.

<< This is me with long hair in 1977 as a General class radio operator. I had been a ham radio operator since I was thirteen, first licensed as a Novice class WN0ODO. I passed the test for General class two years later and inherited my late Uncle’s Swan 500C shown here.

N6SO is my amateur radio call sign. I was initially licensed in 1975, so I’ve been involved in amateur radio for almost fifty years. I’m not as active these days and mostly stick to UHF/VHF and AMSAT satellite work. I have a UHF/VHF dual Yagi antenna hanging in my office that points due east to track the ISS.


The picture on the left is the Voice of Vashon community repeater I assembled and donated to Voice of Vashon.

 UPDATE: I moved back to WA State in 2022, and last year, I went back  to visit the repeater site, and it was still there (more)


I Started working for Marquette Electronics in 1983 as a field engineer. Here is a picture of me sitting in front of a DEC 11/23 mainframe and a CDC 300 MB disk drive shown here in training for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) school.

In 1986, I was a field engineer for Marquette Electronics when one of my clients approached me to start a cardiology data collection system where people would transmit their EKGs for over-reading. 

I also started manufacturing PC-based Holter scanning systems and sold them as far away as Florida and Italy.

I went back to work for Marquette, this time as a product manager in 1992, first for stress testing, and then I was the Product Manager for stress testing, defibrillators and the venerable Marquette MUSE (Marquette Universal System for Electrocardiography) electrocardiogram management system. Note the link I added to my personal information site for “wag-the-dog” marketing to establish chatter.


In 2005, I left GE and joined Mortara Instrument for a bit…