Clone Fender Vibroverb Amplifier

This was my last amplifier project. I designed everything from the steel enclosure to the LED-lit laser-etched faceplate.


I visited Dubai in 2008 as part of a trip to do a presentation at American Hospital for Cerner. The entire trip was a fiasco as I ended up with a swollen eye.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia 2011

I went to SA in 2011 as part of a go-live project for ECG Manager.

Doha, Qatar

I visited Doha, Qatar, as part of Cerner's entourage to give a presentation on Cerner solutions, including my own PowerChart ECG solution.


I traveled to Monaco and Nice as part of a GE "Masters Circle" award trip. We stayed there for a week, and I only paid $50 out of pocket. Those were the days... Monaco Panorama


I lived in Orleans, France as a child and remembered visiting Versailles as a child and eating omelets at Mont St. Michel on the Normandy Coast. Later, I returned and visited Nice and Monaco, thanks to GE. Recently, I've worked for Dassault Systems and visited a few...

Net.Orange (NDO)

Bangkok, Thailand

I went on an Asian tour in 2015, where I visited Chinal, Singapore, and Bangkok, Thailand.


We lived in Teheran Iran from 1972-1974. I lived there with my brother David, and sister, Beverly. I attended Tehran American...

Switzerland 2010