In 2017, I traveled to China, Singapore, and Thailand. The purpose of the trip was to visit Parkway Hospital in Singapore to discuss an IBM Watson Health AI project (more on that here). During my day tour of the Great Wall, I befriended my tour guide, who explained...


Salzburg Castle


View from the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.


I moved to San Diego, CA, in 2018 to work for Dassault Systems and lived there for five years. I joke that I've lived in Wisconsin, Florida, Seattle, and San Diego. One was too cold, the next too hot, Seattle was too rainy, and San Diego was too expensive.

Stockholm, Sweden

I visited Stockholm, Sweden for the European Symposium for Cardiology held in 2009 in Stockholm. I was there with Mortara Instrument to showcase the new "DICOM for 12 lead ECG storage". Here I am with the folks from Mortara Italy

Clone Fender Vibroverb Amplifier

This was my last amplifier project. I designed everything from the steel enclosure to the LED-lit laser-etched faceplate.


I visited Dubai in 2008 as part of a trip to do a presentation at American Hospital for Cerner. The entire trip was a fiasco as I ended up with a swollen eye.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia 2011

I went to SA in 2011 as part of a go-live project for ECG Manager.

Doha, Qatar

I visited Doha, Qatar, as part of Cerner's entourage to give a presentation on Cerner solutions, including my own PowerChart ECG solution, which was the first commercially licensed use of DICOM 12 lead ECG which was developed at Mortara. [ngg src="galleries"...


I traveled to Monaco and Nice as part of a GE "Masters Circle" award trip. We stayed there for a week, and I only paid $50 out of pocket. Those were the days... Monaco Panorama